Global network

We are where you need us

A worldwide operational area also requires a worldwide presence. Through our partners, we enable you to prepare and carry out investigation assignments professionally, even abroad.

For foreign orders, a local German-speaking assistant serves as an intermediary between the local administration and ComSec. The local assistant knows the local conditions and contacts. This enables ComSec staff from headquarters to start investigative work immediately upon arrival abroad and to carry it out precisely and efficiently.

In addition to our locations in Germany and Switzerland, we have partners in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Worldwide presence

  • Clarification: What is corruption? Where does corruption begin? Is my business at risk?
  • Detection & Preventive Measures: Review of existing salary and commission structures.
  • Who is at risk in my company?
  • Research & investigation: Are there any suspicious facts? How do structures run?
  • Transfer and repatriation of capital
  • Follow-up and final discussion

Worldwide presence