Prevent and detect theft in the company

Opportunity makes thieves – and these opportunities for thieves of all kinds are offered every day by carefree companies and businesses that make it all too easy and simple for criminals. A look at the statistics of the Federal Criminal Police Office, which refer to the police crime statistics, reveals that in 2020, for example, a total of 36,144 thefts were registered in companies in Germany. The majority of these thefts were committed in the retail sector, with a figure of 22,586 cases, followed by thefts at construction sites in 4,074 cases and at other commercial establishments, where 3,458 incidents were recorded. Thefts in warehouses and transport companies are also a common crime, with 3,340 cases. The total amount of damage for the aforementioned year is around 1.5 billion euros, with the average damage per case being around 4,100 euros. However, further costs must be added to the costs incurred by the company concerned as a result of the theft. In addition, it should be noted that the actual number of thefts could probably be much higher, as not all cases are reported or detected. In addition, the number of unreported cases of theft in companies is often higher than in other areas of crime, as companies do not always report them for fear of damage to their image or insurance problems. In order to prevent you from falling into this downward spiral, we will assist you in this problem with our experienced team, which is made up of former chief criminal investigators and has extensive know-how as well as decades of experience in the field of theft detection and theft prevention.

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How does a theft become noticeable in the company and how can it be prevented?

Theft in your business can manifest itself in a number of ways, and it always pays to keep your eyes and ears open. Often, the theft is not discovered until inventory is taken or irregularities are noticed in accounting or warehousing, so regular inventory within these points is an essential aspect of combating theft. The inventory in particular is crucial here and brings irregularities to light – experts refer to deviations as the so-called inventory difference. Even if goods are missing or partially damaged, there may be an indication of theft. In some cases, moreover, conspicuous behavior on the part of employees can be an indication of theft, for example, when employees repeatedly work overtime voluntarily or the same group repeatedly wants to work together at certain times.

To effectively prevent corporate theft, there are several measures you should take. One way of doing this is to introduce security measures such as alarm systems, surveillance cameras or security gates; they contribute to an overall sensitizing mood and act true to the motto “trust is good – control is better”. For this purpose, it is useful to install stronger control of goods movements and inventories, so that the measures can work together.

Another crucial factor is raising employee awareness of the issue of theft prevention. This is where training and workshops can help raise awareness and make employees aware of the importance of theft prevention. In addition, clear rules and processes for security compliance should be established and communicated so that every employee knows who to contact at all times during their employment and what channels are available to them if something comes to their attention within their colleagues. We are available to you at all times as a contact partner and team of experts.

In addition, open communication and a positive work atmosphere can help employees identify more strongly with the company and thus be less inclined to commit theft and harm their own company. Involving employees in improving safety measures can also help them feel a stronger sense of belonging to the company and accept and implement these measures.

How to detect and track thefts in the company?

If there is a reasonable suspicion that someone is stealing from a company, there are several steps that can be taken to detect, track, and apprehend the thief in a way that can be used in court.

First, evidence should be secured to guarantee that there are enough resilient facts. Surveillance videos, witness statements or other documents that clearly incriminate the perpetrator can be helpful here. However, it is important to do so within the applicable legal framework and not to take any action that is against the law or otherwise illegal. Even small mistakes here can later destroy a cohesive body of evidence in court and ensure that the perpetrators get off scot-free. We therefore always advise you to contact us directly if you have an initial suspicion and thus hand over the respective case to real experts. We have the necessary know-how, the necessary experience and can therefore best assess possible dangers. Particularly in the case of major theft incidents or when particularly sensitive or valuable goods are involved, it is advisable to have experts like the retired chief criminal investigators working for us on your side, who can resolve the situation professionally and prevent further damage to the company.

Acting on one ‘s own authority involves risks to one’s own health and can also be very expensive in material terms. We, on the other hand, guarantee a professional clarification of the facts with the prospect of a court-usable handover of the evidence and full support until the case is concluded in your favor.

Effective measures for the prevention of theft in companies

We at ComSec are happy to be a reliable partner for you when it comes to the prevention of theft in companies, as prevention is always the first step towards a secure overall situation. Thanks to years of experience and expertise, we can recommend effective measures to prevent theft and work with you to develop a system that is ideally suited to your business. We have already helped numerous companies and businesses to successfully prevent thefts, which saved them costs and losses and helped them to achieve a reputable public image.

Measures that we believe have been particularly effective over many years include the introduction of security gates and access controls, and the implementation of surveillance cameras and alarm systems. Here, a visible deterrent can be achieved and actively controlled with security personnel, which additionally inhibits. In addition, we rely on careful training of your employees and close cooperation with you to jointly develop individual and effective security solutions. This approach has also proven successful and will continue to be an essential part of our concept in the future.

As an experienced security service provider and partner, we are always there to provide you with comprehensive and professional advice and support. Our aim is always to work with you to ensure maximum security in your company and effectively prevent theft. Feel free to contact us personally if you would like to learn more about our services and receive further information about our offering – together we will find the ideal solution for your company.

What to look out for when combating theft in companies

The most important aspects in combating theft in companies from our point of view are:


Those who take action in advance can successfully prevent the baby from falling into the well in the first place and ensure that the risk of theft is kept to a minimum.

Employee protection

Protect your own workforce through information and education. Only a trained and informed employee does not put himself in danger and can act quickly as well as knowledgeably.

Evidence usable in court

Only if the evidence is watertight and legally sound can it become a success in court. Ensure that this approach is not compromised by ignorance, dilettantism or false ambition.

Compliance with the law

Even if you and your property are attacked, you must not leave the legal framework. Move within the law, you can not be prosecuted for your actions and for taking legal action.

Expert help

Be sure to consult experts so that trained personnel like ours can take charge and avoid mistakes. No one has to go through these difficult moments alone and everyone can get the professional help they need at the time.

Make sure you adhere to these points and don’t risk going from victim to perpetrator yourself by committing a possible violation in the end. Especially in terms of consulting and concept, you will find in us the suitable partner who will master with you all the obstacles that have to be avoided.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the subject of "Theft in the company

Finally, we have compiled and prepared the most frequently asked questions on the subject of theft in the company for you.

In general, corporate theft occurs when a person unlawfully takes or uses for himself or herself property or assets of the company without having the necessary consent or authorization to do so. Included in this are theft of cash or assets, fraud, theft of intellectual property and theft of time. It should also be noted that theft in the company is not only a criminal offense, but also a serious violation of trust and ethical standards within the company.

If a theft occurs in a company, the management or the responsible employees should be informed immediately. Gather information and investigate circumstances to implement appropriate security measures and prevent future thefts. If the theft is serious, be sure to notify additional security providers and consider legal consequences. Companies should be proactive to prevent theft and ensure they can respond appropriately if theft does occur.

If employers suspect theft is occurring in the workplace, there are several steps they can take. This includes reviewing surveillance video, conducting internal investigations, and interviewing employees. Employers can also implement security measures such as installing surveillance cameras and setting access restrictions to prevent future theft. In the event of theft, employers should report the incident immediately and gather all available information to take the necessary steps.

The penalty for workplace theft always depends on the severity of the crime and the circumstances. If the value of the stolen property is low, the offender may only receive a small fine or a suspended sentence. However, in the case of serious theft or repeated violations, imprisonment may be imposed in various amounts. In addition, offenders may face employment consequences such as termination or loss of benefits or perks. However, employers should ensure that they comply with all applicable laws and procedures when dealing with a workplace theft.

The most common reasons for workplace theft are financial difficulties and the need to earn extra money. Other reasons may include frustration, resentment toward the employer, low morale, or a poor work environment. Some offenders may also have mental health issues or suffer from addiction.