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In the event of a crisis, we support you in the prevention and investigation of all types of white-collar crime against your company with demand-oriented, interdisciplinary teams of criminal investigators, former public prosecutors, intelligence officers as well as auditors, lawyers, tax consultants and IT specialists.

We pursue the rights of injured parties, clarify facts, convict suspects, secure evidence that can be used in court and, above all, take care of restitution for damages.

The identification of risks, the analysis of weak points as well as the investigation of accounting and balance sheet manipulations are part of our field of activity as well as all questions concerning crisis management.

Our consultants also support you with their many years of experience in prevention and security concepts. Benefit from our many years of experience and expertise and see our services as a reassuring perspective for your corporate security.

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White-collar crime

For years, white-collar crime has been experiencing alarming growth rates in Germany. It is not uncommon for losses in individual cases to run into millions, sometimes even billions. But even a loss of a few 100,000 euros can pose a serious threat to the existence of a medium-sized company.

Crisis management

Very few companies take appropriate precautions in the event that an exceptional crisis situation arises as a result of extortion, large-scale fraud, threats or gang theft. In the event of a crisis, the employees concerned are therefore inadequately prepared, which sometimes leads to serious but avoidable wrong decisions.

Balance sheet audit

Criminal activity has long since ceased to be limited to the commercial sector of companies. In recent years, crime in the commercial sector has achieved significant rates of increase. In almost every company, it is possible to use manipulation to divert funds and disguise their whereabouts through accounting maneuvers.

Computer Crime

In the area of white-collar crime, so-called computer crime is becoming increasingly important. In very few companies, however, sufficient precautions have been taken to ensure that data is adequately protected against manipulation, spying and sabotage.

Corporate Risk Management

Boards of directors, managing directors and decision-makers ask themselves the same crucial questions over and over again, despite intensive due diligence before acquiring companies.

Forensic Team

ComSec Forensic Services forms specialized, industry- and case-specific teams
and networks the competencies of experienced investigators (retired senior criminal investigators),
Lawyers (senior prosecutors (ret.), judges (ret.) lawyers), auditors,
Bankers, IT specialists to achieve the greatest possible efficiency in detecting and combating white-collar and organized crime.

Task Force

In many companies and communities, the issue of security is becoming increasingly important. Even where the establishment of a compliance department does not – yet – pay off, there is a need for a thorough review of security standards at appropriate intervals.

Drug Screen Compliance

In the course of numerous investigations carried out by ComSec, we have become aware of a problem that indirectly affects asset protection, but above all occupational safety.

ComSec Legal

With Mr. Harry Steiger, attorney at law, there is a long and successful
Collaboration. This is specialized in the fields of commercial law and
Specialized in white-collar criminal law.