White-collar crime

On the track

For years, white-collar crime has been experiencing alarming growth rates in Germany. It is not uncommon for losses in individual cases to run into millions, sometimes even billions. But even a loss of a few 100,000 euros can pose a serious threat to the existence of a medium-sized company.

Leading insurance companies and business consultancies have determined through surveys of representatively selected companies that every second company surveyed has already been a victim of white-collar crime in the recent past and that damage amounts of 10,000 to 100,000 euros are not uncommon. However, the actual extent of the damage that has occurred can be determined precisely in very few cases, so that it must be assumed that the number of unreported cases is high.

For years, ComSec has been fighting all forms of economic crime in the wholesale, industrial and transport sectors with a highly specialized team of retired criminal investigators, lawyers and undercover investigators.
The detection of commercial or gang-related theft, fraud or embezzlement in all sectors of the economy is just as much part of the investigators’ remit as the fight against corruption and industrial espionage. The investigators’ primary focus is always on preventing future harm and maximizing the recovery of damages by the convicted perpetrators.

Our services

  • Prevention Consulting
  • Creation of safety concepts
  • Investigation of criminal acts to the detriment of the company
  • Securing evidence that can be used in court
  • Securing the reimbursement of damages to be paid by the perpetrators