Drug Screen Compliance -trust is good, control is better

In the course of numerous investigations carried out by ComSec, we have become aware of a problem that indirectly affects asset protection, but above all occupational safety.

The use of drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

Many companies are not sufficiently aware of this serious risk. ComSec was able to convict numerous employees who were driving heavy machinery or company vehicles under the influence of cannabis, amphetamines, cocaine or alcohol. In many cases, drug use was financed by theft at the company’s expense.

ComSec offers its customers support in prevention and education.
We use state-of-the-art, calibrated and approved drug testing equipment, also used by government agencies, to detect drug traces in social, restroom and washroom environments.

With rapid saliva tests, we can provide initial findings within minutes. Our drug screenings are conducted by former police officers with many years of experience in narcotics departments.

We offer external and company training events with the aim of being able to safely recognize the first warning signs of drug use in everyday working life.
Our service also includes a drug-free company check with appropriate certification.