Book by ComSec CEO and economic investigator Giuseppe Frau

Office crime scene: Germany's dreaded economic investigator recounts

White-collar crime is a phenomenon that has received little attention in Germany and affects business and politics alike. The annual damage is in the billions. Who are the perpetrators? What are their motives? And how can companies and the state manage to protect themselves effectively against them? Giuseppe Frau has been working in the field of commercial investigations for 30 years and, with his company ComSec, has handled some of the most spectacular cases of white-collar crime in Germany in recent decades. He has been involved in solving cases of corruption, fraud and espionage and he knows them all: the “small” offenders who flog stock stolen from their employers on EBay as well as the big fraudsters who embezzle millions and get away with a fine. In his book “Tatort Büro” (Office Crime Scene), he recounts the practical experience of his work, sheds light on perpetrator structures and backgrounds, and provides effective tips on how to protect oneself effectively against white-collar crime.

He demands: Entrepreneurs and the state must rethink how to combat white-collar crime. The rising numbers, the growing field of cybercrime and the planned Association Sanctions Act, which will hold companies liable for the criminal actions of their employees, are forcing those responsible to act. Who are the perpetrators? Why do employees become criminals? How do I identify offenders on my team? What are the options for prevention? And what to do if you are affected yourself? Readers will find first-hand answers to these and many other questions.

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