SaleCheck - module combating stolen goods on the Internet

In an increasingly digitalized world, receiving stolen goods on the Internet is a steadily growing problem. Essentially, fencing refers to the sale of stolen or illegal goods via online marketplaces and other digital channels that are often freely accessible to a large number of potential customers. This includes trading in stolen data, as well as selling copyrighted material. The impact of stolen property on companies and businesses can be significant and cause immense damage. Own brands and products, developed machines and the brand in general can suffer serious damage and suffer permanently from fencing. Given these risks, it is essential for the modern entrepreneur to take sufficient measures to successfully combat stolen goods on the Internet. The first step is always to contact experts and work with them to develop a protection system that will provide lasting protection and make fencing ineffective for your own business. Here, we are available to you as a contact partner at any time and are ready to decipher this topic together with you to your advantage.

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What is SaleCheck?

SaleCheck, your reliable partner for loss prevention and loss compensation. We are an experienced team of professionals specializing in helping businesses reduce asset losses from theft and torts.

SaleCheck is a professional service focused on identifying potential theft and asset damage in businesses. Our goal is to help companies minimize financial losses and protect the integrity of their business processes.

Our approach is based on intensive research and analysis to identify suspicious activity on e-commerce platforms. We specifically search for conspicuous sellers and stolen goods in order to identify potential sources of loss at an early stage.

Our team continuously scours the Internet for sellers with eye-catching pricing and atypical sales patterns. We use targeted selection criteria to identify suspected cases. We also consider factors such as private sellers, regular sales activity and eye-catching prices.

Care & Discretion

Our experienced investigators carefully review suspicious cases to protect the innocent from unwarranted suspicion.

Discreet information sharing: When a crime suspect is identified, we share all relevant information with you while always complying with privacy policies.

SaleCheck is the reliable partner at your side to prevent and eliminate asset losses and protect your company from financial losses. Our modern technologies and experienced experts enable us to respond to suspicious cases at an early stage and offer comprehensive solutions.

Rely on SaleCheck for the highest level of loss prevention and damage recovery.We help you reduce asset losses and maintain the integrity of your business.

How to detect stolen goods on the Internet with SaleCheck?

However, what so far sounds like an ordinary platform in the online sector for selling is much more, as it is used by our experts in a much broader scope. Indeed, an Internet platform offering products and goods from various industries can be used by capable and trained personnel to detect and subsequently combat stolen goods and anomalies. Here are the specific opportunities that SaleCheck opens up for us and how we can achieve that:

The monitoring of offers and sellers

The platform can use automated monitoring tools to check listings and, more importantly, sellers for anomalies or suspicious activity. If a seller regularly offers unusually low-priced products or exhibits suspicious sales activity, this may be an indication of stolen property or other illegal activity. The platform can automatically identify such sellers and enables us to follow up and track down the individuals in question, ultimately putting an end to the illegal activity and putting a stop to the perpetrators in the long run.

The integration of ratings and customer feedback

The platform is also capable of integrating reviews and feedback from customers to check the reputation of sellers and offers. Customer reviews help to identify illegal offers and sellers and help us to identify the black sheep offering counterfeit or stolen goods at an early stage.

Cooperation with authorities and investigative services

SaleCheck can additionally be there for our staff to work closely with the relevant authorities and investigative services to ensure that illegal activities such as stolen goods and product piracy are permanently stopped. By sharing the information and data we gather about suspicious listings and sellers with other services, the platform and authorities can work together to crack down on illegal activity and successfully protect companies and businesses.

The use of technology to recognize patterns

Technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used through SaleCheck to identify patterns and trends in listings and sellers – pattern recognition is an essential part of the fight against fencing online. After all, if certain sellers or offers repeatedly show suspicious activity or are linked to other suspicious sellers, this can be an indication of stolen goods or product piracy and serve as a starting point for a close examination of the users in question.

Overall, SaleCheck, as an Internet platform offering products and goods from various industries and sectors, can use various methods to detect and combat stolen goods and conspicuousness. By working closely with government agencies and investigative services and using technology and monitoring tools, SaleCheck can help reduce the prevalence of illegal activity and effectively stop the systematic theft of goods from businesses with subsequent sales. Additionally, the perpetrators are located and forwarded to proper law enforcement.

Which areas of application does SaleCheck cover?

Salecheck is the basis for further investigative activities and is used by our experts on a much broader scale. For example, to detect and combat illegal activities related to products and goods from various industries and sectors. The main four areas are mentioned and executed for you below.


Stolen goods

SaleCheck is primarily used by our experts to ensure that stolen goods related to stolen products such as electronics, construction equipment, high-priced electrical components and other expensive items is detected. By constantly monitoring listings and sellers, the platform can identify suspicious activity and prevent the sale of stolen goods on the platform.


Trademark piracy

SaleCheck can be used to detect brand piracy related to products such as clothing, shoes, handbags, watches and other luxury items. The platform can identify suspicious sellers and listings that offer counterfeit or pirated products, helping to protect the reputation of the brands and companies involved.


Product piracy

Our team also uses SaleCheck to ensure that piracy is identified in connection with consumer goods such as cosmetics, dietary supplements, medicines and other products. Our employees can identify conspicuous offers and users offering counterfeit or unsafe products, helping to dry up the spread of counterfeit or unsafe products.


Gray market

The keyword gray market is about monitoring the trade of products on the retail market, which exists apart from the official distribution channels of the manufacturers. SaleCheck can identify suspicious sellers and offers here, which offer products and goods outside the official sales channels and achieve a reduction of the offer, which annually brings the official manufacturers and distributors a high financial loss.

Our SaleCheck online platform offers a wide range of applications, as it is designed to detect and combat illegal activities related to products and goods from various industries. By monitoring listings and sellers, integrating reviews and feedback from customers, collaborating with authorities and investigative agencies, and using technology and monitoring tools, the platform is the perfect tool to stop stolen goods online.

What role do we play as ComSec at SaleCheck?

We as ComSec and owners of SaleCheck are particularly proud to be the world’s largest module for combating stolen goods on the Internet and to be able to make it available to our customers as part of our offer without any special registration or lengthy application process. Through SaleCheck, we offer you the ultimate way to protect your business from this type of crime in the long run. The sale of possible stolen goods from your business is detected early and potential infringements of their trademark rights are protected. The platform uses state-of-the-art technologies and algorithms to detect violations and generate reports that help us enforce your rights and take action against potential violations.

We also offer other follow-up services to help you fight stolen goods and trademark infringement. These include, for example, the removal of counterfeit products or the blocking of seller accounts on online marketplaces that have attracted attention. ComSec KG also supports customers in the legal enforcement of their trademark rights, including the filing of cease-and-desist letters and lawsuits, and forwards any knowledge gained about suspicious users to the investigating authorities. In addition, we offer the opportunity to attend training courses and seminars on our platform and, together with our qualified staff, to create an all-round, conclusive concept that will provide lasting protection for your company and your products.

All in all, we at ComSec offer you a comprehensive and far-reaching solution for combating stolen goods on the Internet and protecting the trademark rights of your products – if you have any further concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.