Corporate Risk Management

Mergers & Acquisitions -
Minimize risks

Boards of directors, managing directors and decision-makers ask themselves the same crucial questions over and over again, despite intensive due diligence before acquiring companies:

Do the company’s figures correspond to the actual course of business / business volume?

How united the workforce is behind the new management. Which (unknown) agreements and contracts with suppliers, customers or other third parties could influence the valuation of the company?

Were all hard and soft risk factors included in the due diligence?
Answers to these or similar questions are usually rather vaguely formulated – a corresponding gray area is thus deliberately included in the calculations.

This is where our M & A workshop comes in

Security analysis of the company through the use of undercover investigators.
Screening the workforce for corruption and loyalty through targeted infiltration.
Check up of existing business relationships for inconsistencies or security gaps.
Evaluation of the company’s key figures from a market perspective, etc.