Forensic Team

Corporate Investigation

ComSec Forensic Services forms specialized, industry- and case-specific teams and networks the skills of experienced investigators (retired senior criminal investigators),
Lawyers (senior prosecutors (ret.), judges (ret.) lawyers), auditors, bankers, IT specialists to achieve the greatest possible efficiency in detecting and combating white-collar crime and organized crime.

In this regard, a former senior public prosecutor reports: To effectively combat white-collar crime, complex and often cross-border structures are needed to detect gray areas and to distinguish and combat legal from illegal economic activity.

We approach the topic around your safety differently than usual. Our solution concept is based on early detection.

Think of your company as a human body that achieves 100% performance only through regular training.

Train yourself and your employees in the field of corporate security.
Use our coaching methodology and sensitize yourself and your “team” for the topic of safety.

Coaching - Plan "Corruption

  • Clarification: What is corruption? Where does corruption begin? Is my business at risk?
  • Detection & Preventive Measures: Review of existing salary and commission structures.
  • Who is at risk in my company?
  • Research & investigation: Are there any suspicious facts? How do structures run?
  • Transfer and repatriation of capital
  • Follow-up and final discussion