ComSec Seminars

Discover valuable skills of your communication and thus optimize your personal impact

You cannot give enough importance to the effect of your body language and the meaning of the physical messages of your interlocutor.

  • during business negotiations
  • for presentations
  • during conversations

Studies conducted by the University of California, Los Angeles, USA, indicate that in every
Conversation to

  • 55% with our body (gestures, facial expressions, movements)
  • 35% with our voice (voice pitch, speech tempo)
  • 10% communicate with each other with our words (factual content).
Quickly to your desired destination

A gesture is worth a thousand words.

Do you know the expressiveness of your gestures, facial expressions and body movements? The smallest differences in the message of your body language to that of your words, can greatly weaken what is being said.

Conversely, congruence – the matching of words and body language – gives your presentation an intensely effective expressiveness.

Which body messages you transmit depends strongly on your own perception and the conscious handling of your body signals.

In this training you will discover

  • Your ability to consciously perceive the messages of the body in yourself and others
  • how you can use the new findings effectively.

Goals of the training are:

  • Becoming aware of your own body language
  • to be able to underline one’s own credibility
  • use bodily signals in a targeted way to give more impact/expressiveness to what is said
  • To be able to clearly communicate one’s own status
  • gain more self-confidence through congruent, confident body language
  • Be able to interpret the body language of others
  • To be able to see through tactics and power games
  • To be provided with tools to be able to recognize the truthfulness of statements
  • Voice as a means of expression of mood and personality
  • stay natural and find your personal style


  • Short presentations
  • Teamwork
  • Perception training
  • Expression training
  • Discussion
  • Video feedback


  • the interest in body language and the desire to learn more about it
  • personal intention to optimize communication with his your interlocutors
  • Your willingness: to perceive yourself, to reflect on what you have experienced and possibly to change structures
  • to expect the best

Our communication trainer

ComSec was able to win Ms. Géraldine-Aimée Graber, an expert in body language, as a cooperation partner. Ms. Graber, a trained actress, is active as an acting teacher and communication trainer for body language after more than 3000 performances on various stages. She conducts seminars with ComSec that teach the knowledge of body language in clear steps.